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Training of your horse

Training for your horse

I offer you an individual training for your horse. Both as an allrounder or a specilaist for the different westernridind disciplines like reining, pleasure horsemanship etc.

if the matter is about further training or help/correction with problems I am glad to offer my help.

My Highest attention is to cooperate in harmony with your partner horse

How i archieve further Training



If you decide to let me train your horse the foundation shall work out nicely.  When I manage to find the problem (like not accepting the legs right) I try to solve this one first, before going on.

When the horse is ready it is your desicion which way you will go to, for example Reining horse, Pleasure horse or even an Allrounder. Of course I like to help you with this descision too.

If you decide to let your horse become a Reining horse the training will be like this: I will work out the manveurs in a quiet and friendly way. I don't want to push your horse too much, because you always will be payed back for this. In worst case at the show.  So I want them to like working for me, like to stop, spin lead changes and everything else. I want them to like their job

That's the reason why  I will never use sharp bits, draw reins oder tieing them down for hours!
You can see a lot other people work like this, but I promise this isn't the right way!
But it is the way damaging your horse and even the whole Westerriding Sports!

For getting used to comeptiotions I will take them to some small ones when it feels like they are ready. It is a nice thing to start at competitions.

Also it can be a really good training to take them just to another place sometimes.

Maybe you have a horse with bad manners which you like me to handle and correct. These can be biting rearing, bucking, or running off.

I want to help your horse with these problems, so I do a lot of  groundwork to steady the realationship, getting respect and find out where the problems come from.

If a horse is pretty heavy on the bit, the solution is never a harder one, but a step backwards. I prefer riding them with a double broken bit or even a bosal, an I seriously get really good results.

Whatever your problem, let's come in contact let's talk and solve it together.

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