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Training for riders

Training for riders

I offer you a for you fitting training together with your horse.

Beginning people which are switching to western, freetimeriders, competiotonriders and children i will accompany you on the way to your goals. All the time important for me is that horse and rider keep the pleasure at riding and that they reach together the maximum with as less preasure as possible.

You can come to me with your own horse and i can also come to your stable for training.

With pleaure i am everytime ther for you with competent advices.


We will work out together what goals you have with your horse and the best way to reach them, i did learn also a lot of didactic at my Workshops, so i´ll find the perfect way for you to go where you want.
In my lessons i take a lot of care also about the healthyness of the horses, keeping them happy and for sure keeping you happy and build a good team with your own horse.

I am sometimes also coming to your location, but this only works good when you have an good enough outside or inside arena.

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