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I am very proud to be able to offer acupunctuur (TCM) and osteopathy (fascial and craniosacral) treatments for horse, dogs and cats!!!

Those treatments are really great and for sure the possibility to combine both of them.
Beyound this i am using couple different treatments, too.

- Low Level Laser Therapie
- Leech Therapie
- Chineese Herbs
- Inhalation

At the revalidation Stable i am working with i am also using FES treatments.

For me it´s a very important thing that our animals are feeling well. Thats what acupunctur and osteopathie is all about, so our animals are staying healthy and feeling good, if they are fine, they will make a much better team with us.

I think it´s important to see the hole animal and watch all what they are, what their personnal needs are and what they want.

So if we have health and happiness in our horses we will also get great things back!!!

  Low Level Laser Therapie - Laser Freqents-Therapie  
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