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Straightness Training
Straightness Training

There are a lot of horses people are talking about that they are so bad at the one hand you ride and a compleatly different horse at the other side.
There we talk about a horse what is not straight, and every horse has it, that is natural!

But we are wanting to ask them couple things under the saddle like circles, flying lead changes, spins and all those things, so there we start to get into trouble with that straightness. We humans are all also not straight, we are using the right or the left hand for writing, as if a horse also likes more to lope left or right.

There we get on the point that we has to work on the horses straightness and also at the straightness of the rider!

I want you to help you to get a horse more and more straight and be also as a rider in a good balance and start to be mor straight also.
You hear that a lot out of the dressage, but also our western horses has to be balanced, straight and carrie the weight at their hindquarters.

There is a way for training basics in the hand but also under the saddle, for sure with therapeutic treatments to loosing op couple tight muscles and fascias the horse will get helped in the process of straighting up.
But also keep thinking of the rider! If he is not sitting straight, hanging to one site the horse is not able to get his body straight!

If that is going better and better its much more easy to build out maneuvers for example for Reining and then also to keep this Sporthorses as long as possible healthy, cause when they are straight, it will not happened that fast, that one side of the horse or one leg is that hard overloaded.

So may think more in the way of keeping them healthy, this is for me the most important what you have to do with every horse and espacially with that Sporthorses!!!

If it is Western, classic or freetimehorse, if you straight them up you´ll have the longest time pleasure with them!

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