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Starting young horses
Starting of young horses


I offer a gentle and individual training for your young horse.


In my opinion it is very important to never forget, that training also has to be fun for your partner horse.


Especially the first steps under saddle need to be build up on a trust base.


My interest is to not put too much demands or pressure on a young horse but work them slowly to the right direction. By reason of keeping a horse workinf happily with me and guarantee a long and healthy life.


I train horses from a reliable freetime partner to a ready showhorse at the differten western riding dicplines.


My training with young horses:


When the horse comes to me i work it 5 times a week, and make sure there is a rest of two days.  My training horeses are on the pastures or paddocks 7 days a week.


I start my training with groundwork, to earn trust and respect and a foundation for teamwork.


The base is them becoming not be scared of the blanket or the stick. So I can touch them everywhere and they learn to accept and step aside. I want them to be relaxed.


When they feel asure with this situation I start putting on the saddle and bridle so they can get used to it, Normally this took 2 or 3 days. Surely this always depends on the horse.


Because of the good foundation, trust and being comfortable ith me the horses aren't overwhelmed by the situation me mountaining the horse.


The first times, i will be longing. Later i strt to steer them in different directions to make them used to it and understand it.


I prefer using an bosal or an groundworkhalter for the first steps of steering, because I think there's no reason to touch a horses mouth to early. They are already used to the halter, so there is less stress.


First of all they have to get used do a bit.


I also never qiut longing completly. I do it once a week or probably every second week to train the muscles right which is important for a good balance and flowing movements. The horse leans to carry itself with great manner.


In the beginning of under saddle training the youngsters learn every basic, no matter which discipline is focused on.


They learn sidepass, giving to the bit,  bend around my leg, go on a nice straight line wiht loose reins and moving every part of their body which I am asking for.


Another important excercise is the „shoulder in“, because they will be able to carry themselves just well and build important muscles in their shoulders.


They also will learn stopping and backing up on a loose rein for sure.


This is my personal basic training for young horses. It will take reoundabout three month. After his you sure have a basic which is learned on physically and phsycally horsefriendly manner.

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