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Most people think they know what an Osteopath is... but i am impressed by how many people don´t.

Osteopathy is an energetical treatment as also acupunctuur is, in the osteopathy treatment it can happen that there is the need to really move or massage a muscle, what then actually is called Physiotherapie. If there are hard blockages in the vertebra and someone is loosing it with pulling on the tail or other ways it is called Chiripractic!
Both other methodes are important, too, but i like to tell you also what Osteopaty really is.

It is an combination of three big things

1. Fascial therapie
The body is having a structure what is calles fascia, this is almost everywhere in the body, it is making a peace of the bone, it is around joints, it is building a "bag" around the muscles and it is building the tendence. It is also directly under the skin. So it is a very big part in our hole body, but what is it doining?
It is holding the body in its form, it is holding organs on his place, it is giving stability it is part of the immunesysteme.
Important to know is that it is all one peace! That fascia is never having a beginning or an ending. 
When we understand that, we will also understand, when there is a blockage in that fascial system it will also work with tension on the hole body. Thats why a tension in the back can make problemes in the organs, or make problemes in the movement. A lameness is not always coming from where we see it!!!
A blockage in the SIG is also very often just a tension of  Fascia!

In the treatment we work with almost not seeable movent on the horse, some would say "you are just standing there". With almost no preasure and almost not seeable movements on the tensed places i am loosing up the fascia. I promise you will see it on your horse during the treatment and feel it after treatment.

2. Craniosacral Therapie
This is taking care about the correct movement of the Liquor cerebrospinalis from the brain going through the back to the tail and back. It is a sort of polse or wave going through the body. Very important is that it can flow without blockages, those blockages can make all sort of problemes, as there are headache (oh yes horses can have a headache too!!!!) beeing spooky, not going nicely on the bit, getting problemes in the immunesysteme, probleme in movements...
The treatment is based on making sure all the little bones in the head are able to freely move (they can move, just a very little, but they can and need to move).
Also important are then the vertebra that they are loose to let flow the Liquor to the Sakrum and also in the legs. 
This is a very big and important part of the therapie, also here almost no movements of the therapists hands to see!

3. Visceral Therapie
Here it is all about the organs, as i said earlyer over the fascia all is connectet.
It is important to check that the Organs are freely moving, sometimes there are issues with the back and no one can help the horse (or dog, or human) but the probleme is sitting deeper, the Organ isn´t freely moving and that blockage is also blocking the back vertebra. 

Here it is again an nice combination with acupunctuur, cause all the meridians are connected with Organs, too but also helping with physical problemes.

This is why i combine Accupuncture and Osteopathy, cause you are really getting the hole package back in harmony, sure i am also using Physiotherapeutic Stuff for loosing up muscles and joints, but the basic work is coming always from the other treatments. 

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