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Mona 4
Oh my good time is running, i was so busy that i couldn´t write down all i did with mona the last vieuw weeks, but she is just doing great!!!

We started working on leg yealing, to teach her which part of the body needs to move when my leg is on. With that understanding we are already able to put the hip inside, we are doing shoulder inside ( what a lot of Reining horses are not learning, but i like it al lot because it is strenghen the body and helps with teaching correct bending).

With knowing this i am already able to make a slow but really clean spin. We are still only riding with the bodal, and she also starts to let her head down while she is going, i am not asking it yet too much because a horse is needing to get his own balance first, so i am just asking to lower the head, and if she does i am releasing and let her put that head up again.

Also did we start "stopping", so she is learning to listen to whoa and just stop, and she is just so good in it!!!!
She did also counder canter exercices already where she is little too suppel and changeing sometimes the lead, but she is getting stronger in that.

I feel that i need to begin on the speed controal this week, and also working on her roal back. I hope i can write about that in more detail then when i have a silent moment at home.

By the way, mona is changeing her colour to mcuh darker at this moment, looking great.

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