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Mona 3
Today Mona was little bit fresh, the sun was shining and she had 2 days off. So when I feel they are too fresh it’s not smart to get on, but I am Not a fan of letting them just cross around you at the lounge line. I made her walk around me, feeling she’d like to run, but I need her to learn to behave. In my opinion it’s very important also because even when she is fresh she needs a warm up for her health. When she finally walked, I took her to the round pen, let her walk again and then let her trot and lope, turning from one site to the other (in the turn she needs to face me, not turning away, she dir it really nice). I want them to move till I see and feel that they are communicate in a good way with me, with licking, lowering the head and start to relax.
When she was fine I let her stop and come to me. Going to the inside arena and started riding. There was also a really nerveaus horse with us. So I just walked, jogged and did little bit of steering. When that horse was leaving the arena Moma was getting little tensed, so I just walked her and rubbed her till she was quiet. In that moment I was also quitting riding. That was the first time she was seetting a little, so we can use her sweet blanket the first time
Couple years ago I would always avoid those situations, cause it felt dangerous. But actually it is in those situations that the horses learn to calm down and learn to handle that stress. I would never really push a horse and stress them up more, cause this is just making the link for them that always when another horse is doing stupid or is leaving they will get pressure, too. I need a horse to relax, ask me “what to do” instead of loosing their mind. Let’s see what tomorrow brings. The other days of this week Moma really made me happy. She started finding more balance and with that also more forward motion. Sometimes too much, but when she started loping instead of trotting I just ride a circle of use in a soft way my one rein stop to break her down. Let her think again and start trotting again. The steering is already very nice, and we are still riding with that rope Halter! What I did this week was teaching her to go away from my leg pressure. From standing Stil, bending the head to the right, putting my right leg behind, little pressure and when she moved away from my leg directly Release rein and leg. She reacted directly in a good way to it, because she already knew this from the ground. For sure I did it on both sites, 3 times. Not more! I’m not wanting her to get tired of that. Another day I putted her in front of the wall and asked her to side pass away from my leg for 1-2 steps. Away from the right was great, the other side she did, but you can feel that this is more difficult for her. Her body is itself bending to the right by nature, this way the left shoulder is “sticking out” more and all things to the right will be more difficult. My job as the rider is not only fix the “Symptome” of not steering so good or whatever, my job is to get her body during the training more straight. We will get that during side passing and a lot of bending, but the best effect we will get while working them from the ground in a good way. I feel that Mona is bringing a lot of talent with her. For sure she will want to stop very good, when I lope her around and just ask her to slow down again, she is directly sitting hard and wants to stand still. The owner looked happy when she was coming watching how she is doing. Let’s see how next week will be.
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