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Mona 2
During circumpstances we needed to move the horses from the one stable to another and actually i am very happy with that, cause we are now again having the Mountain Trail Park!!! Where the horses can go into water, going over a bridge and all those great things. This is just so perfect for the young horses but also for older ones to do something else then only working in the inside arena.

So far traveling was exciting for mona, but she loaded great and was fine.

After her first night in the new stable i went in the inside arena with her and she was pretty cool, whats new here are Mirrors!!!!

She was little scared, but we went by couple times, i let her watch what that is en during lounging she needed to pass by a lot of times.
So nice to see that she is already trusting me so much to just stay with me and those new situations.

The first day i already stepped on her, rubbed her everywhere and let her walk off and let her just stop by her own again. I am at this point not really stearing her where she needs to go, this is too much at once. What i am doing is just letting her walk off with klacking an showing her she needs to move with my hand (as she is knowing on the lounge line). When she is moving i am stopping her couple times with just softly pulling on one rein, get her head softened up to that side and wait for her to stop moving. She is actually stopping before she is bending the nose, so evry horse is doing it in his own way, but i am always wanting the four legs on the ground and that they are softly giving to my rein.

I  did that two days long, with her till she moved little bit more around trough the arena, in the beginning they are often only making little circles. I need her to trust me and her own enough to move trough the hole arena without pushing her to spooky objects, if she is at this point not wanting to go in a corner i just let her do her thing. Remember i am not really stearing at this point.
The third day i started stearing couple times. I am just opening up my one hand where i need her to go and the other rein is just touching her neck, when she is not going where i want i am staying with a little bit preasure from the inside rein, not pulling harder! I just ad then a little bit of outside leg till she moves where i want, then release hands and leg.
After that stearing she can again go where she wants and then ad some stearing again.
Fisrt time jonging was also that day, she didn´t really want to go cause she got insecure about that. I clacked and used little leg, everytime she took three steps in jog she was walking again, but i am fine with that, i am rewarding her and start again joging. I am very happy when she is getting insecure that she is just going to walk again, thats way better than running off. Because of that i am not pushing her to the jog too hard the first time.

Next day joging was again not what she wanted but so i pushed her just a little bit to get her moving around in jog. She felt really relaxed, little lazy what i like a lot in this period. I was able to add stearing in jog and moving trough the hole arena. Couple times she was going really close to the fence, make sure you worked on the ground already couple times close to the fence that the horses are not spooking about that. But we did our job here, so she was doing fine.
Also out of jog i stopped her couple times on the one rein and let her stand still give and relax. This is so important ro do it a lot, just for the safety in a situation the horse is maybe scared or trying to run off, it needs to be trained very positive with that one rein stop.
Before i finished i made her back up. She is so smart she was not even needing to think about it. I took little bit of preasure at both reins, just enough to make her uncomfortable, putted my legs off her body (thats actually my cue to get that backing up) and i said whoa. She directly took a step back, i released all the preasure, waited and did it again.

Today we had the last training of this week and she did amazing, i asked her to lope off for the first time with me in the saddle and she just did, so quiet and after couple straights she just stopped. I let her stand for a second and asked again for lope. so she loped around little bit, just fine with evrything.
A very good first riding week!!!

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