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Low Level Laser Therapie
Low Level Laser Therapie - LLLT

The first medical applications of laser technology were carried out just a few years after the development of the laser in 1960. The Hungarian Endre Mester, a pioneer in laser medicine, investigated the effect of low-energy laser radiation on improved epithelialization of poorly healing wounds in 1963. These studies are the first publications on Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT). Low level laser therapy uses laser devices that work with low-energy (low level) laser diodes. These laser types usually work athermally. The effect is photochemical (biostimulative). It is making the cell produce more energy (ATP) and like that there is faster healing possible.

The LLLT is not only udes for wound healing but also for treating tendons, working on scars wich are often causing problems in the hole body (think of the castration scar on your geldings). A lot of scars are making that energy can´t flow correct through the body.

Also LLLT is used for acupunctuur without needles and it is working great!

Places with a lot of tension treated with LLLT are often much softer and its also used in Pain-Therapie.

Beside the using of only the Laser-Light with my laser it is possible to work on special Freqenties.
That is meaning the laser light is beeing polsed in a way great scientists (as Bahr, Nogier...) were making reseaches for.
For example:
Freqentie Nogier C, the Laser Light is beeing polsed with 9,12 Hz, Nogier was finding out that exactly this freqentie is resonating with Bones, connective tissue, muscles and lymphatic system.
So with that knowlege we can not only use the laser light on a Bone probleme but use the correct freqentie to stimulate the bone and help its healing even more!!!

Where can we use LLLT and Freqentie-Therapie?

  • Pain in general
  • injured Tendons (also hard and not mobile Tendons after an injury)
  • Muscles (tensed muscles, injured muscles...)
  • Pain on nerves
  • Stimulation of inner Organs (as Kidneys, Stomach...)
  • Psychic Problemes (As Fear, forgetting things, havíng an Trauma)
  • Headache 
  • Wounds (for better healing or not healing wounds)
  • inflammations
  • Skin- Problemes (Neurodemitis, Allergies...)
  • Arthrosis and Arthritis 
  • ED HD, Hernia
  • Spat
  • Navicuar- Desease 
  • ...

I can combine this treatment with other treatments but i will also come out to use only the laser.
This treatment is something i am also offering for the animal owner cause of its easy handling and really good result. This way you can also see which effect this can have on your animal.
A lot of riders are having troubke with the back, o be welcome te let me come also for your own well being!!!

  Low Level Laser Therapie - Laser Freqents-Therapie  
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