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Leech Therapie
Lech Therapie

How great are this animals?!...

They have a really beautiful skin, looking wet and feels very dry, their swimming is as elegant as an dolphine, they are so flexible, almost majestic creatures.

And we can use them so good in our treatments!

This is not a new treatment, it is as acupuncture very old and is re-etablished again.
Using them on the patient is helping with pain issues, abscesses, inflammation, healing wounds, helping heal tendons faster, helping with back pain (a lot of SIG  problemes), Artrose pain, Problemes with the knees, Laminites...
In dogs we are using them a lot with HD  and ED  Problemes.

I am not always having leeches at home so if you want a treatment with leches for your hore please give me the info that i can order them before i come to your place.

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