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Inhalation Therapie

For all Issues with the respiratory system the inhalation therapie is helping a lot!
Your horse is acut ore chronichally coughing? This is helping getting the longh en alveols cleaned, wettening them and calming the irritation.
The very importint thing is to use the right inhalator, there are a lot on the market but only those with really small peaces in the fog are coming deep enough in the small alveols of the lung.

I am using it in combination with acupunctuur. The inhalation itself can never heal a chronic probleme but it is a very great tool to help during the proces of healing the root cause with acupunctuur and herbs.

When your horse is coughing and is having yellow, white, green stuff coming out of the nose, great! This inhalation will help bringing this all out! And helping regenarating faster.
I am not always carriing the inhalator with me, so if you want an appointment and would like to have a Inhalation, too, tell me so i can bring it with me.

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