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Chinese Herbs
Chinese Herbs 

A lot of people know acupunctuur and are amazed by the effects of it, but only a few know that the biggest part of chinese Medicine is the herbal therape. It is always used in combination with acupuncture and an chinese diagnose. 
A chinese diagnose would sound like: Wind is attaking the liver, kidney yin deficiency...

It is very important to make a diagnose like that to be able to chose the correct herbs for a treatment.

I love using the herbs, cause while i am working with the neadles from the outside, those herbs are working from the inside, you can fill a lot of energy up and making the healing proces much stronger.

I like to work in cures, so having the acupunctuur treatment, taking the herbs for 1-2 weeks and then watch again, see how much is already changed and choosing new points and new herbs for the next couple weeks.

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