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Animal Communication
Animal Communication

With proud en great respect i am working close together with a man who is able to communicate with animals!

Ever thought like: what would my dog tell me if he could speak...?

They can! You only need someone who is doing the translation so we all can understand.

This can be a big help for my treatments but most of all a big help for your relationship with your animal.
Sometimes they start behaving strange, or they are getting sick, are mean to other animals ...

Animals are so wise, sometimes you can be very surprised what they tell.

Cause it is working energetically and at soullevel it´s enough to send a picture, the name and couple questions you want to know.

You will get a full conversation with your answered questions send to your email, cause he is needing really quite mind for those conversations you need to wait 1-2 weeks for your mail. We are really happy to get a feedback about the conversations and also if things are changeing, getting better and all you like to let us know.

You can recieve the answers in Dutch, German or englisch. 
We will translate in your language.

40€ / Conversation

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