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Acupunctuur is an very old chinese treatment, it is watching the hole body physical, psychical and energetical.
To help the body come back in harmony in his own is the key to help the body to get more healthy.
Beacause we need to look at all aspects there is never the one point you can use with every animal.
I´ve learned to look really carefully where the probleme comes from and not just treating a symptom, the body is telling us so much. The colour of the toungh, the wetness of it, the polse, the eyes, the hair, the movement, it is all telling us a lot.

Beside neadles I am able to use a acupunctuur Laser for the therapie, so that we can avoid the neadle pain.

I´m also working with herbs, which i carefully check if they are fitting with your animal and if it could help the body getting stronger.

This Therapie is for all kind of animal! It doesn´t has to be "Sick" or old, the chinese Therapie is based on the thought that the goal of a thearapie is to let the patient stay healthy, getting him in balance that he is not even getting sick.

For sure i see that in Sporthorses would be so great if we would see the signs early so that our horses can stay healthy, stay in good condition and ofcourse stay happy!

There are different kinds of therapies we can work with, i like to combine sometimes the old chinease with the new western therapies.
For example a COPD Horse can be helped with accupuncture but also inhalation is here very important!

I  lilke to have a look on the food, stable, social live and on the past of an animal, that already says a lot, and sometimes we can change couple things, reduce stress and get more health.

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