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About me
About me


My name is Steffi (Stefanie) Raspel and I was born in 1988 in a small town named Reinbek, which is near Hamburg (Germany).

 Ever since I got my Trainer licences (Westernreitabzeichen, klassisches Longierabzeichen, 3-week-course of instruction for trainer with anatomical, veterinarian and didactic lessons), came my chance to let my hobby become my job.

Later on while i was already training horses and had come out a lot of people like physiotherapists, osteopaths and so on, i got very interested in doing that by my own, too.
So on that very great period of studying and less riding i learned more than i could ever wish for!

Now i am an Acupuncurist, Osteopath and Horsetrainer, this combination makes a special treatment for horses and theire riders possible!


I started helping out at a pinto-breeding stable and was eager to have contact to the horses every free second I could find. This was the place the westernriding virus infected me.

After beginning my

apprenticeship as an Laborant, I finally bought my first horse (pony).

My mare Kiara Lynn Sunshine was the reason why I started to think seriously about what westernriding means. I pass my Trainer licence with her, also a couple of tournaments.

Our successes together
2009 Nordcupchampion of EWU
2010 NRHA-Regio Jackpot Open Winner


In the past it was kind of unbelieving to see, smell and hear a horse. I always try to remember this feelings and what it is that fascinated people about horses.


The unique, proud, energy and elegance is what impresses me, so this is the feeling I want to build up my work with horses.

What's important for my kind of view:




Fairness doesn't mean to have a clue about everything. It means that you are realistic and honest with your wishes for your horse and what it is you want from him.


I want to mention, that there are physical and mental limits for every horse. My goal is to reach these, but never exceed them.


In my opinion it is kind of a duty to use reasonable methods in my training and to pass these to my clients. For sure there will be more pleasure with your "friend" horse then.


For the rider it´s really important to get confidence with his horse, i try my very best to help riders to get over their blockages, fears and fysiacal problems to be a good horse-person and for sure to be accepted as a leader for their horse.

I am doing healings also for the riders to make not only the horse better but both!!!


 Totally indispensible for a successful training is a healthy deportment, which means: a lot of  space to move and have social contact to other horses

Only if a horse gets the physically and phsychally treatment it needs, it is able to be in topform and  perform in high classes. This is applicable for freetime, breeding and show.



Have fun looking threw the page and I would be glad getting word from you.

Kindly regards


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